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26-Mar-2017 02:02

Liking my landline (and not understanding why people would pay for dropped calls, unintelligible transmissions, etc.; oh, yeah, get off my lawn), I'd like some parity on spam-stopping.Yes, but in here in Europe unsolicited communications of all forms are illegal.Fines obviously aren't high enough and the regulator doesn't seem to hound the telcos hard enough to clamp down on this kind of thing.In Germany the telco providing access to the POTS can be sanctioned (including being banned) if it does not clamp down on abuse; fines have been significantly increased.Thank you." And that effectively eliminates 100% of all unwanted calls.Most telephone sales people hang up as soon as they hear the answering machine.BT will be using huge amounts of data to identify numbers that are making very large call volumes; it then diverts any calls from those numbers to a special voicemail box without bothering you.

Someone will pick up the phone and speak to you or call you back after you state who you are, who you want to speak to and the reason for your call.Or will foreign cold callers be exempt as they don't pass their ID through?Telcos haven't been getting fat off the interconnect charges.Thanks I went to read this and of course the advert underneath was 'new way to check PPI'me laugh.

its difficult to understand why this has taken so long.

Vodafone blocked 425,000 nuisance and scam calls in a single day, while testing new call-barring technology for its UK mobile network. Meanwhile over at Three they're apparently more concerned with their attempts to push targeted advertising and promoting it as ad-blocking, rather than provide anything really useful such as this...