Accomodating female definition

20-Feb-2017 13:48

Nearly all physicians were men and nurses were women. Male physicians felt entitled to see all comers and present day women physicians feel the same.

We are of course all trained to treat both men and women and hope patients feel the same. The clearest example of preferences is in obstetrics and gynecology.

Although girls are frequently given a choice of gender for gynecologic care, this is offered to boys much less for intimate exams.

Other factors that effect patient choice are less significant including religious beliefs, a history of sexual assault and homophobia.

There does not appear to be an equivalent demand for female urologists as compared to Ob-Gyn; few men appear to be requesting female urologists.

Routine male genital exams are much less intrusive then women’s exams, yet there is still evidence that 30-50% of men prefer males for this exam.

In contrast male nurses often ask a woman if she’d prefer a female to do the catheterization.

Some avoid doing them all together for multiple reasons.

Cross gender embarrassment is clearly an important factor.As 90% of nurses, technicians and assistants are women, men have little choice here.There was a time when male urinary catheterizations were routinely done by physicians or orderlies. A choice is rarely offered to men even when the procedure is not urgent, male nurses are available, and the patient is clearly embarrassed.My urologist recognizes that his patients are frequently embarrassed when female assistants aid him on procedures.

Yet the office makes no concerted effort to employ men, who are more difficult to obtain.

In short, though modern medicine claims to be gender neutral, we are all aware that patients, including many physicians, are not.

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