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In addition, CIA Careers has moved to a new location within the Web site Please use the links or the search form below to find the information you seek.Fahim Fazli is a man of two worlds: Afghanistan, the country of his birth, and America, the nation he adopted and learned to love. Born on April 14, 1989, Fawad Khulmi is the second-youngest son of businessman Faqir Muhammad Khulmi.Fahim is also a man who escaped oppression, found his dream profession, and then paid it all forward by returning to Afghanistan as an interpreter with the U. Fawad started his acting career in 2013 by doing a supporting role in water diviner, and after his study from Flinders University in South Australia, he decided to sustain his acting career furthermore...He has been training with different notable and well respected coaches in Toronto.

He continues to work on his craft and most importantly honing his skills.

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