Agile backdating

24-Aug-2016 13:20

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UPDATE: The main goal here is to have a burndown chart showing the actual history of the work logged also before creating the sprint. If you backdate your sprint in JIRA Agile, all the stories added would start appearing as added after the sprint start and thus candidates of scope change.

Meanwhile other legal and regulatory developments occurred that created distinctions between in the money and at the money options.

These developments also tended to favor at the money grants.

In this regard, we identified stock options grants as a potential trouble spot several years ago — well ahead of the curve.

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We examined the academic literature that quantified the potential issues.Taking a very different tack, Comverse's former CFO, David Kreinberg, last week became the first top level executive to settle actions brought by the SEC and the US Attorneys' Office since options backdating came into the media spotlight last Spring.