Alicia key and usher dating

25-Nov-2017 22:08

But that effort you're put in fostering another relationship - you could have been putting it in us. ..this sh*t happnd to any other girl she would feelin the same way mashoda hurt she has a broken heart like jennifer aniston..sandra bullock...arnolds swaanegger wife...hillary cliton...ellen tigars ex wife..arnt yall calln them bitter cus im sure they had the same emotions as mashonda?

but cus she black she gotta b bitter..please grow up any woman a b hurt.yes she stayd with her husband after a baby was made during there marriage but that was his wake up n shape up card.forgave em n wantd to work it out..once alicia popped up swizz new him n mashonda was thru..mite b why it didnt wrk out is cus mashonda tried to forget the love child but probebly kept faultn swizz n not gettn over it...swizz put her thru alot she has the rite to b hurt n sad sheesh Mashonda is not only bitter but a liar.

But with pics of the two surfacing on vacay together, throwing birthday parties for each other, and cell phone kissy pics leaking, the evidence piled up. Swizz has said in interviews he had no longer felt "close" or married to Mashonda in his mind and heart.

Now, Alicia tells Mashonda said the oppsite though in plenty of interviews, very public Twitter rants, and even on the reality show "Love & Hip Hop." Maybe the definition of "separated" is the issue. But still, Mashonda has maintained that she and Swizz had just had a baby and were still sexually involved and no papers were served when Swizz and Alicia started dating--she had no clue he wanted a divorce.

She allowed the cheating before marriage and during.

She is mad because she stayed in a loveless marriage.

They both was wrong and 2 wrongs surelly aint gon make a right.... Swizz was separated and in the process of divorcing his estranged, bi-polar wife for three years. She is just beautiful, smart, intelligent and talented. look in the mirror honey...there were already issues deep into this marriage and why would you marry someone whom you knew had already been unfaithful to you repeatedly long before akeys or the london chic appeared and whomever else he had relations with? hopefully through this new chapter in his life swizz can overcome his ways but bad habits die hard. He was cheating since day one and she continued to stay with him.

He is finally free and happy with Alicia and their 7 month old son. That is the most important thing is love.............. She has a good heart and I wish her nothing but the best in her marriage and career. The situation is messy in its self and very time sensitive. She repeatedly points a finger at AKeys but really has nothing to say but nice things about swizz. I must say akeys and swizz look enlightened very happy. Peace and blessings to all three especially for the kids sake. She should be thanking GOD she don't have HIV with all this cheating going on.

And Mashonda has always maintained that Swizz is a great father to all 4 of his kids. Up until about a month ago I thought I was madly in love ....Alicia, who became engaged to Swizz 1 month after he and Mashonda's divorce was final, continues with her side of the story saying: Meanwhile, Swizz also conceived another child with a British singer Jahna Sebastian while married to Mashonda, which he wholly admits.On why she didn't speak on this matter until now, Ms.She lost because she was delusional just like Emily who was in a relationship by herself in her head.--Reality is a b#tch.

Alicia is just a young ass lady who really don't know the game!! She should have waited for the divorce before dating him..cause a couple is seperated doesn't mean they are divorced.

I do believe friends hang out together when possible.

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