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I was flattered by the Bedouin's invitation, but thrown off by the idea of spending any time alone with him when I saw that he had a knife.

When I asked about it, he told me that it was fashioned from the horn of a gazelle for killing animals, his main source of food. But seriously, did I really want to be in a cave in the middle of the desert with a man with a knife that he uses to stab animals with his bare hands? The combination of a young woman on vacation seeking adventure, a handsome stranger and several remote locations seems like a breeding ground for a potentially unwelcome sexual encounter. If that's what I was after, I probably would have chosen a vacation destination where the penalty for pre-marital sex was not three years in prison.

I met him at his family's house a few days later and met his family in person and had dinner with them. His cousin said that he was happy to have a friend in the USA since he went through a lot with his ex-wife.

His aunt also told him to slow down the courting because it's not fast in American culture.

At the same time, she is known among her classmates as a religious Muslim; she wears "modern Islamic dress," combining a fashionable, patterned headscarf with a matching modest smock, and never talks unnecessarily with her male classmates.

One day, she logged in at a popular café called Rishrush, and signed onto her favorite channel, " Jordan." Since she hadn't previously planned to visit the internet café at this time, she hadn't arranged to "meet" anyone in the chatroom.

In the guidebooks to Jordan, it says that a visit to Jordan is not complete without a visit to Petra, the historic rose-colored ancient Nabetean city half built and half carved into the majestically sculpted towering rocks of the Wadi Musa valley in the Jordanian Desert.On " Jordan," as on all of the channels which are popular in Irbid, conversation doesn't take place in the main chatroom. Rather, users communicate with each other one-on-one—though they often carry on five or more private conversations simultaneously. The next night over video chat, he asked me to marry him. Since then we have had some nice chats and some arguments.

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hi, i am american, and i would love to hear womans opinion on weather or not it is a good idea to move from america to amman heard many diffrent things, good and bad.

In fact, there are some claims about women being drugged and gang raped in Petra, although they can't be verified. I wanted to see Petra, take photographs and write in my journal, all normal activities for an anti-social writer from Brooklyn who finds herself on the other side of the world.