Article on dating abuse

20-Nov-2017 20:03

“Even when I was in the hospital, I didn’t think I was depressed because of him,” Jamie says.

“I can’t believe what he put me through and that I didn’t see it.” Today, Jamie has been away from David for nearly a year; their relationship ended after a cruise with her family provided the distance necessary to sever ties.

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Teens and young adults who are being abused may make excuses and apologize for the behavior of their significant other.

After graduating fifth in her high school’s senior class, she matriculated to a four-year university with an impressive scholarship.

And then her relationship with David took precedence. She became increasingly more isolated from family and friends.

Perpetrators use this behavior to gain power and control over their victims.

For teenagers and young adults, a complex mix of factors often keep them from speaking up or seeking help.

The summer before she left for school, Jamie and David were together nearly every day, with the boy showing little interest in getting to know her tight-knit family.