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26-Sep-2016 02:37

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By creating the association, the legislature was able to ensure continued coverage to residents affected by their insurer’s failure.The association does work in cooperation with the Insurance Department in fulfilling its role of protecting residents whose insurance company is being liquidated."#5, Life insurance companies that issue annuities are not allowed to liquidate, they are bought or taken over by other insurance companies.In 2007 the National Credit Union Association submitted to Congress, “Study of Further Possible Changed to the Deposit Insurance System,” the NCUA noted, “A significant problem inherent with private deposit insurance programs is the inability to achieve sufficient diversification.The consolidation within the financial services industry makes achieving sufficient diversification difficult.By the 1990s, ASI was the sole private depositor insurer for the nation.Next week’s article will focus on more details about ASI since the 2000s and look at their business model that’s proven to be a winning strategy.

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There is a disclosure filed several years ago with SEC that addresses that issue and they got waiver from the Government not to pay the full amount if there are no money in the fund. It's "backed" by a consortium of insurance companies in each state.The more things changed, the more there would be a need for a new name. The big news that year though, was the passage of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Improvement Act (FDICIA).For the first time, private share insurance got some respect.This is the fourth in a series of articles that look at the evolution of deposit insurance in America.

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Last month looked at private deposit insurance, this article presents an overview of deposit insurance in America, with an emphasis on American Share Insurance (ASI). The company, which insures deposits for credit unions, has been in business more than 40 years. While at one time they faced competition, they outlasted them all. Their philosophy from the beginning was simple, credit unions should be able to meet the needs of their members without undue outside interference in daily operations.

Nobody in history of the annuities ever lost a dime.