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31-May-2017 10:33

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This might be a new concept to most people, but women don’t do things just to get attention from men and other women.Well, she might be—not every bisexual gal is the same.You couldn't possibly choose because you like both.Just because she’s attracted to both men and women doesn’t mean she’s a light switch.If someone identifies as straight, let them be straight. I am attracted to almost no one, which means you can have almost everyone. She might be really scared to tell you she's bisexual.To assume that “all women are bi” because straight women can get turned on by lesbian porn too erases and invalidates the unique and often challenging experience of living and dating as an openly bisexual person. She's not just "greedy." Why do bisexual people get called greedy all the time like they're going to date every single person on earth because they have hypnotic powers and then everyone else will be single and miserable? Because if she does, you might assume one of the things on this list and then she'll either feel like she has to explain her whole life to you or have you hate her or start being weird around her.Also, please stop trying to do the math on this, seriously. If she likes you, that's all you really need to know. Dating is hard enough, but sometimes it can be difficult to date someone with a different sexual orientation, especially someone who's bisexual.

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It’s like making someone choose between tacos and pizza. Yeah, it's just as weird for you to do that to a bisexual woman.2.