Boundaries in dating making dating work review

01-Mar-2017 00:42

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This book is not a "How to" advice book, it is Hypnotica's life story to date.

He takes you from his earliest years through to his life today in his 40s.

Very few products discuss the "WHAT" or more specifically the "WHAT FOR". In this book you follow the evolution of Hypnotica's "what for" through its highs and lows as he finds his way, loses his way and refinds it again, ultimately arriving at a place of satisfaction for himself.

He talks spirituality, philosophy, sexuality and examines questions about life itself to arrive there.

There is nothing to jump up and down about in terms of innovative ideas or exciting new techniques here. The reality is that men studying dating advice typically apply 5% of what they read and have the rest just distract them and hold them back.

Similarly to Neil Strauss' "The Game", this book follows the journey of a man as he explores his sexuality and learns to improve his skills with women.