Can t remove old updating log file

08-May-2017 07:25

can t remove old updating log file-50

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from log files, from the syslog daemon) and sends them to our instance of Logstash.Install Filebeat on the host you want to collect and forward logs from (see the output: logstash: enabled: true hosts: - elk:5044 ssl: certificate_authorities: - /etc/pki/tls/certs/timeout: 15 filebeat: prospectors: - paths: - /var/log/syslog - /var/log/document_type: syslog - paths: - "/var/log/nginx/*.log" document_type: nginx-access file (which contains the certificate authority's certificate – or server certificate as the certificate is self-signed – for Logstash's Beats input plugin; see Security considerations for more information on certificates) from the source repository of the ELK image to In order to process multiline log entries (e.g.

Note – The rest of this document assumes that the exposed and published ports share the same number (e.g.

as produced by Filebeat, see Forwarding logs with Filebeat) and that logs will be indexed with a when using Filebeat).

If you're using Docker Compose to manage your Docker services (and if not you really should as it will make your life much easier!

I have noticed that NVIDIA files are making my Driver Store File Repository take up a whopping 16.2 GB. I did some research, and I downloaded the suggested Driver Store. My solution was to sort the drivers by version number, and delete all the Nvidia graphics drivers except the newest.

Is there any way I can delete these but knowing which I can delete safely? FYI I'm running Windows 10 x64 I appreciate this question is a bit old, but I came across this question because I had exactly the same issue, with exactly the same version numbers as you do for all the old drivers.Note – This image has been built automatically from the source files in the source Git repository on Git Hub.

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