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Robert Eisenman is a highly respected historian, archaeologist, writer and Biblical scholar, renowned for his pioneering work with the Dead Sea Scrolls.Robert Eisenman Eisenman’s work is influential, and at times controversial, having questioned the identity of Jesus, while introducing the importance of the historical James, the brother of Christ, about which he has written extensively.This is all recorded in Kurtis’ television programme.You won’t find me anywhere in sight, as I was very wary of this and knew enough to stay away from any digging not authorized by the DRAC.With Harry Jol’s team from Qumran we were, however, able to do the radar ground scan.To find anything in this manner ‘under the Tower’ as you put it, would have been very difficult even using ground scans. Here and there, at other locations in the garden and near the tower, interesting anomalies were found.His books, which are scholarly works, include: Some of Eisenman’s works Eisenman received his BA from Cornell University in 1958, an MA from New York University in 1966 and a Ph D from Columbia University in 1971.His work is varied, such as his book, , which chronicles poetry from his travels in the Middle East, India, Europe and America in the early 1960’s. that the workman in charge of Bérenger Saunière’s restorations had left behind a letter indicating that the priest had buried a chest or casket beneath the foundations of the Tour Magdala, in Rennes-le-Château? Anyhow, we were doing radar ground scans at Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, and the underwriter, John Merrill, expressed interest in Rennes-le-Château and the Templars, so we thought, why not have a go at Rennes-le-Château with the same team.

‘Excavations’ can only be done with the permission of the proper Authorities – in this case the DRAC (Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles).

Also, what do you think Saunière discovered, if anything, all those years ago? The first I have described in Question 2 and occurred under the auspices of US TV journalist Bill Kurtis and the History Channel for his series ‘Investigating History’.

In the second, we were accompanied by Michael Baigent, which thrilled Mr Kurtis and with whom he quickly established a close rapport.

Bill Kurtis and his team were paying the bills and we were subservient to them. Mayor L’Huillier with Robert Eisenman’s wife on the belvedere © Robert Eisenman You will not see any pictures of me doing anything or touching anything at this time.

I think both Mr Kurtis and the Mayor wanted a show of some kind, both for the History Channel and for tourism at Rennes-le-Château. I only came along as an interested observer and interviewee, just as Baigent and Baratollo did.The Church of St Mary Magdalene, where ground scans indicate the presence of two sepulchres © Andrew Gough Harry Jol and his assistant, Ryan De Chaine, performing ground scans of the church floor at Rennes-le-Château © Robert Eisenman From Three-dimensional cube of 40 parallel 450 MHz GPR transects.

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So my preparation for the book was eleven weeks or so of going deeper — having my heart exposed to its anger or impatience or unforgiveness — and clamoring then for the second impression, namely, that the Son of Man came into the world not to be served but to serve and to give his life a ransom for many (Mark ).… continue reading »

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