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24-Aug-2016 21:35

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Although my experience is that specific questions about the conformance to particular church teachings do a good job, because there are lots of people (catholics and others) who are "affiliated" to their church, but who do not share 100% of its beliefs (which is crazy) (for example: "I am a catholic, but I do not accept catholic teachings on contraception and papal infallibility"; WTF?!? I support Catholic sites that ask those questions (although you may find that people don't always live up to them :o) ) because it really cuts down on spammers, liars and scammers, and there are plenty of those running around on-line dating sites.What they also do is make people who don't agree with Church teaching feel more ostracized if they answer no to particular questions on agreeing with Church teaching----in which case I suggest reconsideration of personal conscience.That’s why internet dating among this group of Catholic singles has really taken off.

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Are you afraid of meeting someone great, only to find out that they don't share your beliefs?You can meet Catholic singles locally, and on any continent including Asia, South America, Europe, Africa and North America.