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These include the feelings of rejection and low self-esteem that come with casual sexual encounters.Not having to worry about STDs or pregnancy is another major bonus.Women usually desire a relationship and are dating to find a suitable companion.Dating, or searching for “the one,” can be time consuming and exhausting.Others take the opportunity to reassess values and priorities.Celibacy, or abstinence, can be a great source of rejuvenation.When it comes right down to it, there are a lot of celibacy benefits. For women who have been actively dating for a long time, celebacy is a life-altering decision. This means celibacy, or abstinence, is now a part of life.Some women who do not believe in sex before marriage and have practiced .

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Overcoming these problems is essential for good psychological, and physical, health.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of benefits of celibacy.

However, others who have not been abstaining may experience a may stem from a fear of loneliness, self-esteem issues, fear of future rejection, or an existing strong desire for sex.

Dealing with these issues and fears may require some professional advice and counseling.

Eliminating dating from the schedule provides for a lot of "me time," and allows a woman to devote more time to her own interests and passions.

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