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Upon graduating, he’ll become an engineer with the company.“I dropped out, but they dropped me back in,” he said. Zach says he often feels uncomfortable shopping with Luna because her skin color is darker than his. “We could’ve afforded to pay cash for them, but we needed to build up our credit, as millennials.”Like so many of their peers, Zach and Luz .

Luz works 12-hour shifts at the jail plus overtime. Luz said her mom was “your typical housewife” when married to a man from Mexico, cooking and cleaning.

“Everything is black or white, left or right, Hillary or Trump.

It’s like there are no shades of gray anymore.”“But I’m a gray,” Luz interjected.“Every person is a gray,” Zach said.

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Even after becoming friends, Zach and Luz said they were “too racist” to date each other at first.

Zach left college and started working at Alaska Structures, a company that manufactures fabric buildings — large tents, primarily for use in extreme and remote locations.

This year, at the company’s urging, Zach returned to NMSU to finish his degree. Luz became pregnant with Luna during her senior year of high school. Today they’re engaged.“We actually financed our wedding rings,” Luz said.

“They were ‘tastefully Mexican.’”Jo Anna decided who her friends would be, then kept bringing new people into the group, Luz said.“We clicked really well, because she was a huge Marvel (Comics) fan,” Zach said of Jo Anna.

Zach graduated high school with associate degrees in arts and sciences, several certificates, and 93 college credits under his belt.

“But I’m pretty picky about how things are done, so it’s probably for the best,” he said.