Choosing others dating and mate selection

31-Dec-2016 05:05

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Similarly, studies in recent years have shown that genetic similarity or difference is a factor involved in mate selection [3,4].

The scientific development in gene research provides researchers with detailed information regarding the genetic profile of couples and enables an examination of the mate selection process based also on these data.

These models were also criticized for lack of acknowledgment that external forces are involved in mate selection, such as the couple’s social and family systems or significant events in their lives.Murstien [12] developed a mate selection model in which couples proceed through three stages: the stimulus, value and role.The mutual assessment of the partners’ characteristics that are relevant at each stage determines whether or not they will move on to the next stage.These studies mapped the partners’ subjective reasons for developing a relationship, from the first meeting until the wedding, but failed to address the cultural aspects of mate selection, and were focused on contemporary North American society.

Only a few studies have addressed the couple’s cultural and social context as a factor in the choice of marital partner.J Psychol Psychother 1.doi:10.4172/2161-0487.1000181 Copyright: © 2015 Shalev O et al.