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Did you always have an ambition to become a diplomat? From the age of 10 my dream was to be on the sea and travel from my landlocked homeland and see new countries.I used to collect maps and books on different countries, which helped sustain this goal.What is required is real involvement, co-operation in both research and production.The Czech Republic has a great deal to offer and vice versa.Those were very liberal times under Gorbachev and the glasnost (“openness”) policy reform.The new film, Anthropoid, comes at an interesting time.Clearly, one has to appreciate and be aware of different Eastern and Western outlooks.During my posting in Beijing my grasp of the Chinese language reached an “operational” level.

It should be noted that these two surveys have different coverage of cultural sectors (see Table 1).

With the centenary of Czechoslovakia’s founding in 2018 and fifty years since the Prague Spring, are there plans for celebrating these milestones in Britain?