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Nicknames can be derogatory or liberating and empowering, but I didn't get one."5: High school: "I was a geeky kid. I have a black belt in Tai Kwan Do, so I am good at sports, but it wasn't my get down as much as the academic side was."6: Now: I am still a geek at heart. I think I am a jack of all trades, master of none, which is good in many ways and bad in others because you never peak at one thing magnificently. First break: "I did the musical ' South Pacific.' It had been touring the country and was at a 3,000 or 4,000-seat theater. I left acting school to do it, so it was the first acting job I got paid for."8. Favorite quote: "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore" -- Andre Gide26.

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While passing through Los Angeles, he was cast as Dar in the internationally syndicated series "Beast Master," which was shot in Australia. If you have the tenacity, the drive, the ambition and the people skills, you can achieve anything."3. I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing. I was good at sports, as well, but I have always been more on the geeky side than the jock side.

Favorite actors: Gary Oldman, Sean Penn, Viggo Mortensen15. Favorite sport: "To watch, Formula One racing and mixed martial arts. I have done a little bit of motor racing and that is probably my favorite sport."17. Other than that, I like to do things with my family [wife Rachel, and sons Ford and Sebastian]." 19.

Favorite workout: "I do a full-body, weightlifting workout, with a fair amount of heavy power lifting in it with a lot of cardio mixed in. Favorite travel destination: "Anywhere I haven't been before.

There’s nothing worse than realizing that someone is full of b.s.” ■ Are you a good kisser? F., Green Bay, WI “My wife told me that she wouldn’t have married me if I wasn’t good in bed, so I guess that means I’m also a good kisser.” Just The Facts Birthday: August 28 Hails From: Sydney, Australia Middle Name: Richard Marital Status: Married to interior designer Rachael since February 3, 2002.

Boys Club: Two sons, Ford Martin (born February 6, 2006) and Sebastian William (born December 19, 2008). Rachael is cool with boys.” On His Imminent 40th Birthday: “Age is just a number.

People saw it as an obstacle, but neither Cane nor Lily did. I also enjoyed very much ​Tristan Rogers being brought into the show and Cane getting a father. We thought she was a boy when we got her but then she started laying eggs, but we kept the name Morris. I don't have the interest or the desire to try and translate what people are trying to say.

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