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24-Aug-2016 14:11

So, if the 50 year rule for CA was still in effect, the Zastava M-59 would be eligible for cash & carry transfers in 2017. If not I wouldn't want to be the crash test dummie that had to lawyer up to prove it. IF you use more then a 10 rd mag the gun has to be 922r compliant and it is easier to load a SKS with a 10 rd stripper clip then it is forcing rds in a mag by hand. I acknowledge the fact that the gas valve will someday need to be replaced. I am on a mission to singlehandedly deplete the world's supply of SKS rifles......

As with all other surplus rifles, the M59 is not being manufactured anymore and supplies will eventually dry up. There were no legal issues on shipping to California per CAI. I bought a 59/66 at Big 5 a couple of years ago and the paperwork listed it as "Century Yugo SKS". The problem is that people get used to calling things by general terms that are not always correct. Ok so just because it doesn't say its an SKS on the side and the country never says it built SKS doesn't mean it isn't so. Keep a stock 10rd fixed mag in your regular SKS and you're fine. This is per the[I] Harrott decision of the CA Supreme Ct.BY law those idiots in Sacramento think an SKS is an Assault Rifle if it has a detach mag which it is not according to the rest of the 49 States. the Yugo SKS is in the BAFTE List then that is good enough for me and I go by that.

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