Dating beanie babies

05-Jul-2017 17:35

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Since the beginning, Beanie Babies have included two tags for identification: a heart-shaped "swing tag" at the top, and a fabric "tush tag" at the bottom.

Both tags have been redesigned completely over time.

Beanie Babies were the most ubiquitous collector's toy in the 1990s, so it's no surprise that the majority of the plush animals are completely worthless today.

But limited editions, tag misprints and more unique features still abound -- and can be worth a small fortune.

Some time after the original announcement that the company would stop production, Ty asked the public to vote on whether the product should continue; fans and collectors voted "overwhelmingly" to keep the toys on the market.

Warner was keenly aware that the Beanie Babies bubble could burst and eventually started forcing retailers receiving the latest Beanies to also stock other products lines by his company.

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While only a few Princess Diana Beanie Babies exist, one common edition, Valentino, can actually be worth up to ,000 ... With its faded white body and embroidered red heart, Valentino is one of the most well-known and classic Beanie Babies.While the average Valentino is not incredibly valuable, a misprint on the iconic TY tag can up its value considerably and is seriously coveted by collectors today.