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12-Dec-2016 17:25

There are few things that beat the beauty of Cape Town, which is why if you’re looking for a way to spoil your partner, we’ve got several date ideas that we’re sure they’ll love! Steam Train Ride Meet Katie, a steam train beauty run by Atlantic Rail which traverses the route to Simon’s Town, as well as to the lush winelands of Stellenbosch.

She’s one of our favourite romantic options for a full-day outing. Tokai Forest Market The beauty of a walk through Tokai forest is undeniable, and it’s a perfect spot for picnics as dog walkers, families, horse riders and cyclists pass you.

When a guy finds out that I have two boys, he will almost always ask: "Do they have the same father? Waltina says that most guys are just after one thing: I never really dated since my divorce, 12 years ago. "It's not as if you are still a virgin." I decided that the dating game is obviously not for me.

There might have been one or two who seemed different, but being the person I am, because of what I've been through, I just messed it up before it could even begin to develop into anything.

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" I always want to give them my baby daddy's mobile number so they can ask him. Needless to say, almost 10 years and another child later, we got divorced.

Ensure you stop in at the restaurant at the top where you can grab a a glass of champagne, a brunch or a light supper, dependent on the time of day you go up.

The Sunset Special is currently running is is the perfect romantic surprise for your loved one. Picnic in the Company Gardens and feed squirrels The Company Gardens of Cape Town are a haven for the local squirrel population who are well fed by visitors who tend to buy peanuts from a vendor near the entrance.

Why do they assume that I - the woman - must have done something wrong? A guy once asked me: "You got nice boobs and I am assuming that you must have breastfed? So I had to find out if I was simply a magnet for douchebags, or if other single moms are experiencing the same horrors. For a while after the divorce, I was stuck in the stigma of being a divorced single mom.

Why do they always lay the blame on the woman for being a single mother? So I asked the women who are part of my singles group about their dating experiences as single moms. Guys pursued me, and I went on a few dates, never more than once with the same guy. They couldn't understand why you don't want to give it up, you already have children.

Cindy says men act like you have to be grateful for their attention: Yes, somehow they treat you as if you are desperate for a man.

Spray it white or use a metallic spray paint to give the fixture a new life. A bright and well light space will be more inviting than a dark and dreary room. Take your room out of the 70’s by updating your floors and/or countertops.… continue reading »

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In lieu of flowers the family prefers memorial to the Christian Worship Hour, P. Kraemer, 91, Aberdeen, is pm Monday, March 13, 2006 at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church; Pastor Roger Noer officiating. He was baptized on July 12, 1914 and confirmed on June 24, 1928 at Zion Lutheran Church in Ashley. James Lutheran Church south east of Ashley on November 28, 1935. Andrew then married Lila (Schell) Kranzler at Plymouth Congregational Church on October 18, 1957, at Aberdeen.… continue reading »

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In May 2011, when Kimberly Schuetz was starting to plan her son Austin’s third birthday, he was diagnosed with a high-risk form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.… continue reading »

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