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15-Dec-2016 19:42

So, I threw my luggage on the bed and tried to revive myself with a quick shower and then made a mad dash for the lobby.I managed to be only fifteen minutes late for our meeting at the hotel entrance.We made a lot of interesting pictures outside with beautiful yellow and red leaves! 06 (Anna1084) I work in an advertising agency and this week we have been having a really interesting project.We have been creating advertising for a new fashionable shop.Well, my flight did not arrive until 11AM the next day and I didn't make it to the hotel until 2PM.

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Camzap syria

I met a university friend, as I graduated from Kharkov university.

We walked in the city, visited the zoo, went to a planetarium and my time in Kharkov went very fast. 06 (Elena2019) Yesterday my daughter bought a selfie stick!