Dating services lunchdates

18-Feb-2017 06:22

This helps create a better understanding of busy schedules and dedication to the workforce.

If your career is demanding, the last thing you need is someone who doesn’t understand when you need to dash out the door for a last-minute meeting or business trip.

Enjoy some relaxing time in good company without all the stress of searching forever to figure out who you should go with.

We handle that part while you get to laugh it up and enjoy good food, drinks, and company.

It’s not impossible to have both a busy career, as well as love. Lunch Dates is committed to arranging meetings in a safe environment.

Lunch is a common time when two eligible professionals can both meet up for a casual date.

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Dating Tip #2 - Almost Always Give Someone a Second Chance First impressions are crucial – but whoa – can they sometimes be wrong! Three weeks ago, my client “Mandy” went on a date with “Keith.” Promptly 90 minutes after the date had ended, I heard my cell phone buzz with a text: Mandy: “Don’t think Keith liked me very much.”Bela: “Why?… continue reading »

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