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Unlike many expensive tourist experiences, this train really does live up to its five-star and you won't be disappointed. Introducing the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Schedule & departure dates How much does it cost?How to buy tickets Can a 24-hour train ride be worth 2,210?VSOE usually operate one mid-1920s 'S' class sleeping-car on the train with 10 compartments which it sells as singles for 2,210, i.e.the same price per person as two people sharing a 2-berth in a 1927-29 'LX' class sleeper.

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And here I am now with wife, two kids, a mortgage and a cat. I'd be the first to point out that the VSOE is not the 'original' Orient Express as there's no such thing, but this is one beautifully-restored and truly historic train, superbly run and an utter pleasure to travel on.If you can afford it, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is the most romantic and luxurious way from London or Paris to Venice.