Dating the veda

05-Aug-2016 18:39

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Moreover, the Sanskrit department has already asserted that the Rigvedic period lasted from 8000 BC to 5000 BC.

The dating of the Rigveda would thus draw insights from different disciplines like comparative linguistics, ecology and anthropology and so on. The only alternative view of the chronology of the Vedas is that of the Hindu Right.

This is based on the traditional astronomical information.

This record, among other things, has been used by experts to date the Rigveda.

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consolidating erp systems

(See the October 13, 2000, cover story of )You know, non-serious students of history living in the 21st century are unable to imagine how an urban culture lapsed into a pastoral one.

That is a wrong way at looking at the Harappan and the Rigvedic (periods).