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23-Sep-2016 03:12

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She was like, “Oh yeah, L, my friends from high school went on a Grouper recently. The guys were doing Ecstasy the whole time.” Well, your Grouper is tomorrow, so it’s a little late for that 🙂 We know that everyone has a lot going on, but you’re committed now and 3 other people moved around their schedules for you guys.

First, call around and see if you can grab a friend to take your place.

Now, go to Grouper’s website and read their much sexier description of the whole thing.

Call us first at, and we’ll put you in touch with the guys to cancel.It was also the first time I truly understand what being a wingwoman meant, because you could set up your friends to make jokes, tell funny stories, etc.Basically, I think it made everyone TWICE as charming as usual.I’m certain that despite this tech-savvy world, many of has haven’t really considered online applications or websites to be a surefire medium to find someone who we can possibly date.

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Now I know for myself and other individuals I’ve talked to, the results are not always stellar.

The thing is, I’ve never been the kind of girl who gets hit on in bars.

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Last year, filmmaker Gerard Grove had the opportunity of a lifetime when he interviewed the Ninth Doctor about his new show The A Word on Sundance TV, in which Christopher […] Olivia Colman is set to step in as Queen Elizabeth II in the third season of The Crown, taking over for Claire Foy who is “reigning” over the series at the moment. … continue reading »

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