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25-Nov-2017 00:58

The strain was isolated from a microbial mat in Lake Fryxell, Antarctica [1] during the MICROMAT project, which systematically collected novel strains from Antarctic lakes [2].

The genus was named after the Belgian bacteriologist Monique Gillis for her work on bacterial taxonomy [1].

When cultivated on Anacker & Ordal’s agar, colonies become flat and round with entire margins and 0.7 to 0.9 mm in diameter after 14 days incubation [1].

Additionally growth is both detectable on nutrient agar and R2A, but the strain does not grow on trypticase soy agar [1].

(Note that the Greengenes database uses the INSDC (= EMBL/NCBI/DDBJ) annotation, which is not an authoritative source for nomenclature or classification.) The highest-scoring environmental sequence was EU735617 (Greengenes short name: 'archaeal structures and pristine soils China oil contaminated soil Jidong Oilfield clone SC78'), which showed an identity of 99.0% and an HSP coverage of 98.4%.

The most frequently occurring keywords within the labels of all environmental samples which yielded hits were 'librari' (3.2%), 'dure' (3.0%), 'bioremedi, broader, chromat, groundwat, microarrai, polylact, sampl, stimul, subsurfac, typic, univers' (2.9%), 'spring' (2.5%) and 'soil' (2.4%) (156 hits in total).

Regarding the five hits to sequences from other members of the genus, the average identity within HSPs was 95.6%, whereas the average coverage by HSPs was 94.3%.

Among all other species, the one yielding the highest score was (AY694006), which corresponded to an identity of 97.1% and an HSP coverage of 90.8%.

All general aspects of library construction and sequencing can be found at the JGI website [39].

A summary of the project information is shown in Table 2.

, DSM 15749, was grown in DSMZ medium 514 (BACTO Marine Broth) [37] at 20°C.

Peptone and yeast extract were required for growth [1].

When cultivated on marine agar, colonies are yellow in color, convex and translucent with diameters of 1-3 mm forming entire margins after 6 days of incubation [1].The most frequently occurring genera were (1.0%) (94 hits in total).

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