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Suffice to say that they do exist, and in large RDBMS, steps need to be taken to prevent them from corrupting the system with misleading data while simultaneously not causing too great an impact on performance.In order to help database administrators achieve this optimal balance between transaction isolation and security, four different isolation levels are available, ranging from very secure to insecure; these four levels are defined in terms of the three problems described above.Phantom reads: A phantom read is a variant of an unrepeatable read.It occurs when a transaction sees a new row while it is in progress.

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This was done for purposes of simplicity in explanation; however, in the real world, such an assumption is unlikely to hold true.

Therefore, in this concluding segment, I’ll be exploring the My SQL transactional model in a multi-user scenario, illustrating some of the data corruption problems that raise their ugly heads in this environment and showing you how you can use My SQL’s isolation levels to reduce their likelihood. While a transaction is in progress, open up a new client session and see if the changes made by the transaction are visible.

Typically, this occurs due to new records INSERTed and committed by other transactions.

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I’m not going to get into the details of each of these problems at this stage, you should take a look at the links at the end of this article for more information.The higher the isolation level, the more work My SQL has to do to keep users from seeing each other’s modifications and the slower things run.

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