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An actor that look much like a child and associated with one of the most iconic artists in the business of acting is Charlyne Yi.

Nominated for Comedy Film Award for Best Actress she earned her place in Hollywood as she is known for the movie Paper Planes with one of the primary roles and Knocked Up.

“There’s always going to be people who are like, ‘Why didn’t they just make it all documentary?

’ That’s boring.”To friends and colleagues familiar with Ms.

In “Paper Heart” (which is directed by Nicholas Jasenovec and opens on Friday), Ms.

Yi travels the United States talking to real couples about the circumstances that led to their love connections.

Yi prefers to talk about it in the abstract, or better yet not at all. “I think it’s just weird how other people are concerned, or how people want to ask about it.”Still, Ms.

Yi, with her endearingly nervous laugh, concedes that such questions are going to come up more frequently after the release of “Paper Heart,” a hybrid documentary and scripted film about the mysteries of hooking up in all its forms.

In Los Angeles, California, she was born on January 4, 1986; her parents were Lydia and Luciano Yi.Her ethnicity is mixed of many which are the Philippines, Spanish, Korean, Irish, German, French and American.She has shorter than the average estimated height of 5 feet and 3 inches, currently at the age of 32 and holds an American nationality.Though there were man rumors in some wiki sources about her dating out of work, she confirmed she never dated and were stomping on articles that said otherwise.

The on-screen couple was only working together, and it was nothing more, not looking for a husband for the actor as well she does not plan to get married anytime soon with her acting career going through the roof.Yi’s unconventional comedy, it is not surprising that her first effort at feature filmmaking would also bend established rules.