Disabled woman for dating

31-Oct-2017 01:36

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I was a horrible liar, and we both knew it, but I had no choice. It, uh, helps with balancing."A few Captain and Coke-fueled seconds passed before I used the liquid courage to tell him the truth.

There was no possible way I could tell him that when I reached into his coat pocket and took his hand—to this day the only bold, romantic gesture I have ever made—it was because I thought he wanted me to. He stayed calm while I explained that I thought he was cute, funny and kind. Embarrassed and disappointed as I was, I also felt a bit relieved.

Other subtleties that accompanied my diagnosis—my difficulties with depth perception and direction, my need for assistance when using downward escalators, and the numb sensation in a small part of my left knee that took the brunt of my semi-often falls—were still my secrets.

Dating is hard enough for a nerdy, bespectacled, 24-year-old without adding permanent deficiencies to the mix.

My parents have emphasized to me that I must be my own best advocate, so I have not been shy about asking for assistance when necessary.

Somehow, though, I've found that friends and family are more forgiving than the men I've been interested in.

5 Tips For Beating First-Date Nerves My hesitation is not the result of shame.

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When To Tell Your Date An Important Secret It's important for me to eventually tell potential Mr.

It's non-progressive, so just as it can never be cured, it can never get worse. People can even improve, like going from plastic braces that reach up to your knee (I had those) to simple orthotics that fit inside sneakers.