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I stand up and i said i would be right back but when i had made it trough the bathroom door all the toilets were in use. Well, since I always feel a little naughty whenever I... On Sunday I didn't wear a nappy, just panties and jeans.I held the pee in a little longer untill i didn't have to go any... I was outside raking leaves with my Dad and I had to do a wee. I hadn't done that for a while, wet without a nappy on.My most recent real accident happened the day after a wonderful long day... So much so that they would make a fairly long trip every now and then to Value Village to buy the cheap things. It was a nice day out and I decided to go for a walk.They took me, my brother, and sister along because we were much to young to take care of ourselves. I put on my purple spandex and walked to the local park.With the increase in pressure I start letting out small spurts of ****. at first,sorry for my bad english but my first language is german and it's really difficult to write a story in english! I felt like a little kid, but the weird thing was that even though I was embarrassed I liked feeling like a little kid.... but: "I wet my pants;" full soaking and running down my legs.so,this morning i woke up really early because my bladder and i was afraid to **** in bed next to my boyfriend who is sleeping and he doesn't know anything... After about 10 minutes I was really bursting so I knocked on bathroom door. We were out of school and had been sledding and snowballing cars, when here came the cops. I was laughing and running when I realized to my horror that I was wetting my pants and couldn... I was out with a friend at a doughnut place and I had to pee, we were having a good time, and were just about to leave.

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SO anyone in the Northeast United States will know that this Christmas week was miserable in terms of weather – just pouring rain, warm and most of the snow is gone. She lives about 2 hours away from me, and i had driven out to spend the day with her.

Hope you enjoy, and I hope she does a good job telling it ;) Hiya :) Alaina here.