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12-May-2017 01:58

Warning signs for parents that your teen may be a victim of dating violence Teenagers can be a moody bunch.Sudden changes in attitude or behavior could be a normal part of development, or could indicate an unhealthy relationship.

Often there are warning signs present early on in a relationship that can alert you to the fact that the relationship could become abusive.And they aren’t as glaringly obvious as you might think, so they can tend to sneak up on you. When you first meet, you might be inundated with an unusual amount of attention.While this in of itself might not be a red flag, a refusal to respect your boundaries is.Naturally when you’re mutually attracted to someone, it’s exciting to spend lots of time together.

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But it’s also normal to have commitments outside of the relationship.With such high incidence of dating violence among young people, it’s very possible your child or someone they know is in an unhealthy relationship.