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06-Oct-2016 02:45

A year into her bilingual cross-cultural relationship, Leonora this month set out a list of fifteen illuminating hints, called Things to Know About Dating French Boys.

These weren’t so much advice on how one might go about getting with a Frenchman as what to expect once you have (as far as you can possibly tell) got him locked down, you lucky minx.

And every time I try some kooky thang on before going out –even if I am only going to be seeing English people, I just cannot shake his calm, collected yet firm voice in my head, harsh only in its resonating truth: …I recently had a group of French boys in their early twenties candidly explain, after I enquired, naturally, for ‘research’s sake’, that it would simply be embarrassing for a girl to buy her drink, dinner, even pour her own wine on any of the first several dates. In my experience, insisting will earn you a blank, confused, in some cases even offended look. Less offensive, in modern France, to the declining institution of the Catholic church but more to the cultural devotion to the pillars of looking presentable and eating well. Don’t be shocked if you go from being a total stranger to his grandmother’s confidante at family gatherings in a matter of weeks. Chances are if things are going well after the first date or two, you are his girlfriend.

This is, as far as I’m concerned, the most defining difference between dating the French and English species.

I feel, seeing as I too am currently in a similar situation that it is my responsibility to add on a couple of crucial factors that Leo may have overlooked.

Whether you just got off the Eurostar in search of Erasmus romance or you are knees deep and a few (blissful) years into…well, an Erasmus romance, here are a few more pointers.

It’s remarkably fun and even potentially fruitful in your search for said French Man Friend if you have yet to find him. Okay so our school had this farm "activity" thing and we went to this farm in our country and there were exchange students from france, my eyes landed on this cute and good looking french guy he's 21 years old (i asked the people in the farm about him) and Im currently 18 years old. he isnt happy and i know and very obvious how much he misses me. id like him back because we are honestly great together outside and inside of work.

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Stay a week or more in Paris and you will more likely encounter a rude French man or two, but that doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone else.

The thing is, once you do get a good grasp of conversational French, people suddenly are friendly.

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