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In the episode "A Very Tanner Christmas", Steve gave her a sweater from that college, but that only made her more upset. J., help Joey and Jesse with their radio show title in "Fast Friends". J., Steve was in love with a girl named Rachel Taylor, who broke up with him.

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He needs his strength." His first appearance is in "Sisters in Crime". However, he misses her so much that Steve ends up visiting D. at Disney World in the episode "The House Meets the Mouse" (Part 2). In the episode "The Perfect Couple", Joey asks Steve and D. to be the dating couple in the game show he is hosting, The Perfect Couple.

Well, now is the perfect time to test your knowledge, because the series turns 30 years old on Sept. To celebrate the anniversary, take a look at 33 things you may not know about your favorite '90s series.

— the end of the Netflix comedy’s second season introduced plenty of new threads to explore: Will Steve and C. And, as we ask every season, will we get a visit from Michelle?

set a date and location for their wedding, which was about to happen at the end of the summer in Japan.

season three will be returning to Netflix this fall, and while reaching a third season is reason enough for our fave nostalgia-sparking series to celebrate, it turns out that the next premiere date will mark a super special occasion for the show and its stars.

In "The Heartbreak Kid", Steve lets Michelle be his valentine, and this leads to a crush. Afterwards, he apologizes by buying some pizza for her (though he borrows the money from Danny).