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( I keep asking if maybe he needs a different anti depressant) My fiance is 61 and experienced a stroke. I have even had to remind him to say please or thank you. Good luck to everyone dealing with the loss of the person you used to know and lovr. I was married to my husband for about 10 years before his stork. After his stroke he became extremely abusive, hitting and throwing things at me and the children. "Earthuquake", March '15 - complete terror, confusion...

This is new ground for me, he's only been home a week, but this is not the person I knew two weeks ago; the changes sneak up on you. We were blessed with one more child about 2 years after his stoke. He knew I wouldn't protect myself and hurt him back. and an experience in the Neurology Department that would qualify for a Stephen King horror film...

Next your husband sounds quite depressed based on his anger not sadness. A consultation with a Gero Psychiatrist to re-think his medications is in order. Caregiver, If a marriage lasts, it is almost inevitable that one partner becomes the main support for the disabled other.

New medication combinations can be more effective for depression. After a time fatigue and stress become almost unbearable for the caregiver. My wife's illness lasted about 18 months before she died and it took two years for me to recover from the fatigue.

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Please look into National Family Caregiver Alliance.Its really hard and just to let you know you are not alone, its nice for me to know its not only me and I hope it helps to know its not only you, I have never found anyone yet that have had this problem with their other half. Anon, Diagnosed with dysthymia, Borderline Personality Disorder and Anxiety Disorder(childhood; not necessarily important, possibly germane); completed career in the USAF.

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