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He pressed his hand to the small screen inside the box and the door beside him swung open. He ignored the open plan living area and kitchen and moved straight to the door on his left, a control room where he could make contact with the outside world if need be, but his focus wasn't on the emergency facilities.

He moved straight to the console housing the covert CCTV system that Danny Tripps had painstakingly built in secret over the last fifteen years. Then you retain an advantage the other side doesn't even know about.

A couple of turns and he was moving around the edge of the building where the Islands food was prepared and stored, unstaffed at this time of night.

He knew if anyone spotted him they'd just assume he was going for his habitual late night snack, but he knew different.

The whole system was set up on a motion-activation principle, immediately discarding data that had nothing happening and that suited Edwins purposes perfectly.

He settled his fingers on the keyboard, typed A68 and hit Enter.

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A small hatch appeared with a ladder heading down, barely visible in the moonlight.

The simple system allowed him to review all recorded footage from that particular camera and he was viewing it in reverse.

A couple of chambermaids darted around briefly at high speed, and then the footage caught up to Patricia undressing then sleeping.

His friends words came back to him, as they always did when he looked at the setup. Information is power." Edwin smiled and moved to the large leather desk chair facing the bank of fifteen screens.

Three large screens, a dozen smaller, all assigned letters from A to O.I've got three more novel-length tales written and a fouth nearly completed. It had been a really long day, and only midway through what was bound to be a long week.

The tramway can currently operate up to 245 daily trips carrying a maximum of 30,480 passengers.… continue reading »

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Pew also found that while Democrats and Republicans are “afraid” of the opposing party, there is a broad agreement that a person’s political beliefs “say a lot about the kind of person they are.” These beliefs seem to be affecting dating across the country.… continue reading »

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19 del Real Decreto 1093/1997), pero lo que no cabe es entender prorrogada la preferencia que da la afección urbanística, una vez transcurrido su plazo máximo de duración, por existir una nota marginal de expedición de certificación, en un procedimiento de apremio del que no se ha tomado anotación preventiva que la sustente, como ocurre en el caso que ahora se analiza.»Gran artículo, como siempre...… continue reading »

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Es muy fácil, tan solo es necesario escoger un apodo y pulsar el botón para conectarse.… continue reading »

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