Husband not validating feelings

12-Dec-2016 06:59

For example, if I FEEL fear, it is because I BELIEVE that I am being threatened. I shall argue, in other words, that critical thinking provides the crucial link between intelligence and emotions in the "emotionally intelligent" person.Critical thinking, I believe, is the only plausible vehicle by means of which we could bring intelligence to bear upon our emotional life.What is critical thinking and how might it relate to "the bringing of intelligence to bear on emotions?" If we provisionally understand critical thinking as Robert Ennis defines it, namely, as "rational reflective thinking concerned with what to do or believe," then it clearly implicitly implies the capacity to bring reason to bear on emotions, if for no other reason than that our emotions and feelings are deeply inter involved with our beliefs and actions. I shall argue that critical thinking cannot successfully direct our beliefs and actions unless it continually assesses not simply our cognitive abilities, but also our feeling or emotion states, as well as our implicit and explicit drives and agendas.I will then develop a critical analysis of the primary theoretical views of Goleman. In Standard English usage ’intelligence’ is understood as "the ability to learn or understand from experience or to respond successfully to new experiences"; "the ability to acquire and retain knowledge (Webster’s New World Dictionary)." Its possession implies the use of reason or intellect in solving problems and directing conduct. In standard usage, the term ’emotion’ is used to designate "a state of consciousness having to do with the arousal of feelings (Webster’s New World Dictionary)." It is "distinguished from other mental states, from cognition, volition, and awareness of physical sensation." Feeling refers to "any of the subjective reactions, pleasant or unpleasant" that one may experience in a situation.Given these understandings, how might "emotional intelligence" be provisionally conceptualized?At times in my life I have been overweight, scared to swim, smelly, ill-mannered, and disorganized.

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Now let us consider how critical thinking fits into this picture.

I celebrated her efforts rather than the outcome and strived to speak three times as many positive words than negative ones. This message is meant to inspire thought about the way we do it—and not just with our children, but also with our spouse, our friends, our relatives, and ourselves.

Under the wing of Loving Encourager for the past several years, I’ve watched my child blossom. She takes risks and when she fails, it’s not the end of the world because she knows she can try again. Through ten years experience helping children overcome serious behavioral issues in a classroom setting, I have seen living proof that encouragement builds, heals, and transforms.

It would encompass both positive and negative emotions.

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It would be a measure of the extent to which our affective responses were "rationally" based.

" And if so, how does it relate to critical thinking?

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