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30-Jun-2017 09:39

But given that it is user-generated content that is not under any kind of controls or censorship, there are inappropriate mods available (there are also other types of modified content like skins and texture packs).These have been in existence for a long time, and probably since Minecraft was first released years ago.Kada imate vremena na pretek, stanite ispred ormara ovog drugog i počnite da nosite njegovu odeću. Uz svaku igru preobuke zabavićete se više, naročito ako i jedno i drugo pristanete na preobuku! Ne morate da imate seks ispred kamere ako ne želite.Jednostavno, uživajte u malo predigre dok gledate druge parove ili samce na kameri. Ali, imamo upozorenje – gledajte da ne pokazujete lice kako biste zaštitili identitet, pogotovo ako se skidate goli. Zamena uloga je igra koja je ne samo zabavna nego i seksi.The writer was appalled that some of the videos were not age-protected, although since those videos are not official Minecraft media, responsibility for their policing rests with You Tube.Few things in 2016 have captivated children like Minecraft (software lauded for its ability to operate as a covert educational platform), and few things have terrified parents more than “sex perverts on the Internet.” Moreover, Minecraft’s popularity with children is often matched only by their parents’ lack of understanding of the game.Da bi ljubav bila zanimljiva, neophodno je mnogo smeha, cerekanja, zadirkivanja!

The Scary Mommy writer similarly reported that she engaged in some “research,” which appeared to consist of viewing You Tube videos about (but not hosted by or affiliated with Minecraft).

The post rattled off purported “stranger danger” statistics unrelated to Minecraft or “sex mods” and advised parents to take the standard steps of “locking down” and/or monitoring their children’s Internet time.

(Tips of that sort are standard advice given to parents about Internet safety and have nothing to do with Minecraft specifically.) The mother in question stated she “did a little research,” but that research didn’t pertain to the existence of Minecraft sex mods. Apparently, in the app version of the game, there is a way to “craft” such cringe-worthy things as pixelated characters getting it on with each other.

On You Tube there are thousands of videos of players playing modded games of Minecraft, and some of these involve players playing with a sex mod applied to the game.

Usually these videos are age restricted but there are ones that slip through the You Tube age protection cracks.The confluence of these circumstances means that if a Minecraft rumor about sexual predators were to spread unchecked, children could be deprived of one of the most enjoyable learning experiences available to them.

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