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Ricci This is taken from the Italian word, ‘ricco’ which means curly hair.Ofcourse, the surname Ricci, Rizzi, Rizzo or other similar surnames are descriptive surnames for a person with curly hair.The island was controlled twice by the Norman Kingdom of Sicily: in *1135–1158 and in *1284–1333.During the second of these periods it was organised as a feudal lordship, with the following Lords of Jerba: 1284–1305 Roger I, 1305–13–1310 Roger II (twice), 1310 Charles, 1310 Francis-Roger III; there were also royal governors, whose times in power partially overlapped with those of the Lords: c.

Marino or Marin indicate a person who works or lives near the ocean or sea.

The island appears on the 4th century Peutinger Map.

During the Middle Ages, Djerba was occupied by Ibadi Muslims, who claimed it as their own.

One of these, whose modern name is Būrgū, is found near Midoun in the center of the island.

Another city, on the southeast coast of the island at Meninx, was a major producer of priceless murex dye, and is cited by Pliny the Elder as second only to Tyre in this regard. The island was densely inhabited in the Roman and Byzantine periods, and probably imported much of the grain consumed by its inhabitants.

Other similar names linked to this practice included 'orfanelli', which means little foundling, a name which is very common in Naples.

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