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07-May-2017 13:53

These weekend warriors don't understand shit about counter insurgency, much less how to successfully organize and execute an actual insurgency.You have to let the system fail , which you cannot win without maintaining.

I really don't judge soldiers that get sucked up into the machine and knurled up by its callous gears, could've easily been me. is wrong with you, the election is being stolen and you say that we don't have a right to call militia.

As far as experience killing, I'm sure you have learned an invaluable skill for them.

Thing is that you were working for Soros, they would have given you the Darth Vader uniform but you weren't evil enough so they gave you the little white storm trooper uniform to feel better about yourselves.

The only time you should be saying "Stay Calm" is when you're under fire. I think they're using Paintball guns to save the environment.

I have more COMBAT experience than the million men and women in my (other) country's militia COMBINED.It seem the most patriotic get suckered into supporting the elite NWO agenda. Have you read any of the Wiki Leaks stories or the regular news about FBI busting the Dems on vote rigging? Sir the milita is the real military, not toy soldiers they send to the empire under clear violation of our constitution.