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Iran is not alien to western classical music either.

Many radio stations in Tehran play Mozart's concertos on a daily basis, and many Iranians even make it to world fame and fortune.

Even after Islam, Persian musicians did not disappear: Zaryab is often credited with being the greatest influence over Andalusian and Spanish music.

The position of a particular work of music often depends on the music genre and its relationship to music theory.

More notable Iranian progressive musicians, whom at their own time have created modern and contemporary Persian classical based theories and styles, include the late Ostad Parviz Yahaghi, the late Ostad Asadollah Malek, the late Ostad Mohammad Baharloo, the late Ostad Alinaghi Vaziri, the late Ostad Varzandeh, the late Ostad Hossein Tehrani, Ostad Faramarz Payvar and Ostad Bahman Rajabi who have impacted and influenced the classical Iranian traditions with their respective innovative musical approaches. In fact Opera originated from Persia much before its emergence in Europe.

Iranians traditionally performed Tazeeieh, which in many respects resembles the European Opera.

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The years after the 1979 revolution emerged Islamic Republic approved stars like Parviz Meshkatian, Kayhan Kalhor, Mohammad Reza Lotfi, Hossein Alizadeh, Dariush Talai, Mohammad-Reza Shajarian, and Shahram Nazeri. Even though the revolution era coincided with the music's popularity, music and Islam have not always meshed well, and many Iranian conservatives disliked even the simple melodies and lyrics of classical music.The history of musical performance in Sassanid Iran is however better documented than earlier periods.