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Dramatic pictures assembled by British Lieutenant Commander Claude Rayner highlight the dangers pilots faced towards the end of the Second World War in the Far East.Rayner was part of the British Pacific Fleet and carried out photographic reconnaissance and anti-submarine patrols against the Japanese in 19.His graphic photos show a Japanese fighter pilot carrying out a terrifying suicide attack (bottom, centre) and British aircraft ending up in the sea after crashing while trying to land (bottom right).Others show a British Seafire plane (top) and a an American Grumman Hellcat (bottom left) crash landing on aircraft carriers.But they were stunned to realise the true culprit was a monkey that was pulling fuel pipes off and sucking the tanks dry.The animal was consuming so much petrol it was 'always high' and would even refuse gifts of bananas, locals said.However, the animals were in fact plastic miniatures, snapped separately and enlarged in Photoshop.She took part in the shoot just months after a naked photo session inside in a temple complex in Luxor, in Egypt saw her spending a night in a prison cell.

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Spain's Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis has said the government is considering making changes to the constitution to allow autonomous regions to vote on independence.In today's society, more than half of all marriages fail for various reasons.The fact is that relationships, whether dating or married, are hard.A Russian woman in her 20s claims a man by the name of Rinat Bilyanov kept her prisoner in a squalid home (top, far right) for six years, having four children with her even as he beat and tortured her.

The woman said she met Bilyanov through a dating site for Tartar Muslims and while they were not officially married, they did undergo a religious ceremony.Catalonia has been rocked by protests since Wednesday morning, and the region's separatist movement suffered another blow in the afternoon when Spain's constitutional court annulled their declaration of independence.

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