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Somewhat disappointed, you take solace in the fact that, at the very least, his calf muscles have probably lost some serious definition.Lindsay left her affluent family behind in Dallas to pursue a job in PR that she got from an affluent friend of said affluent family.

You receive a notification that someone has viewed your Linked In profile, and moments later Jennifer emails you about an “awesome opportunity” that she thinks you’d be a “perfect fit for.” Given your desire to explore options in your field and grow professionally and the fact she looks totally hot in her headshot you message her back telling her you’d love to hear more. It’s technically more of a meeting, but as she continues to compliment your background, skills, and experience, your ego -- along with something else -- begins to swell, and you start to wonder if her request to connect on Linked In could develop into a love connection.When the furious typing pauses for a moment, you cautiously approach and ask if you can share a table so you can plug in your laptop.You end up chatting, and it turns out you two have a lot in common: a passion for travel, a love of Kafka and Kerouac, and, of course, crippling amounts of student debt. So instead of deeming this a list of the people you’ll date in Austin, let’s call it a catalogue of types you’re destined to swipe right on, meet for drinks, maybe hook up with, and then awkwardly avoid for the rest of your life.

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outweigh the fact that you’re 100% sure none of his shirts have sleeves. After dinner at Uchi, you head back to Dogwood, where you’re surprised to find all of her friends.You put in your two-week’s notice at work, and she immediately fires you from the relationship.