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07-Jul-2017 07:43

It is famous for its culinary heritage, fashion industry, liquor, castles and cathedrals, beautiful mountains and brilliant transportation, which attract a little less than 100 million tourists each year.

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Although mail shipments of gold, silver, and even cash notes were recently banned in France, buying and selling bullion (especially French coins) over the counter are quite common.

Issued by the South African Mint, the South African Gold Krugerrand is often called the original modern bullion coin.

As the world’s first ounce-denominated gold coin, this 1-ounce gold coin is marked only with its weight in gold.

As a perfect vehicle for private ownership of gold, this 22-karat gold coin staple is extremely liquid and easily accepted in international trade markets worldwide.

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The history, design and name recognition of the South African Gold Krugerrand makes this bullion coin a must-have among buyers.

République Française, which officially translates to the French Republic, is commonly known as France and is located in the Western Europe, but also has several overseas territories.

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