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Cracker is delighted when he tells his friends that Alec has been keeping a low profile since his humiliation at the hands of The Double Dare Gang, with Matt adding that he's stopped doing the toilet scam and Tom says it's only because he got bored of it. Later, The Double Dare Gang watch Alec boxing with Mr Jones and Mr Robson notices them and he asks them what they are doing.Mr Robson is annoyed when he finds out that Mr Jones is doing boxing after he didn't give permission.

Tom explains that the person who draws the shortest straw, has to do a dare and if the dare goes wrong or they chicken out, they have to do a forfeit.

Lisa picks her dare and wonders if she can see the forfeit, but Cracker says she has to decide about the dare first.

At the shops, Matt wonders if Lisa will do it and Cracker says she may chicken out, but Tom says Lisa wouldn't do that.

Lisa then explains that the enquiry broke down when someone pointed out it could've been one of the Year 9's as they made their way to the stage or one of the late comers. The Double Dare Gang later agree their next dare is to get back at Year 9 Alec Jones after he tried to prevent Tom and Matt going to the toilet without paying.

Tom presents the straws and it happens to be Lisa who drew the short straw.

As Alec goes upstairs, Lisa runs down the stairs and throws a plate of custard in Alec's face and Lisa tells Tom and Matt to run.