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Rock and pop concerts, folklore events, mediocre book fairs and even an ice skating rink -yes!an ice skating rink down here in parallel 19ºN...- are continuously thrown using as scenario the heart of Mexico, for here reside the powers-that-be in Mexico, i.e.I sent a note to SL for the Oludeniz cam ( I miss that cam *sigh* ) and like magic the engineers at SL slapped the cam around with a command or two and voilà. ☺ A big THANK YOU to our host Hotel Calaluna Tulum for hosting this ' live cam ' .8nov17--I've noticed several times how much care is given to the surface of the Zócalo, one can see cleaning crews nearly all the time, and when time permits between 'events' street cleaning machines are used, even side panels from the stages are placed on the surface so fork lift vehicles and big rigs won't mar the surface.Thanks Zócalo Central for bringing us this 'live cam'.BTW, these are the upcoming events: La Semana de las Juventudes tendrá dos sedes: el Zócalo de la CDMX y la Plaza Santo Domingo.

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Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas, Sonido Gallo Negro, Doctor Krápula, La Banda Bastön, Sergio Arau y los Heavy Mex, Out of Control Army, La Santa Cecilia, Plastilina Mosh y Morenitos de Fuego FILUX 2017El Festival Internacional de las Luces (FILUX) se realiza del 16 al 19 de noviembre.I am NOT going to send a quick note to SL suggesting to them to maybe they should take a quick look and get their opinion of its performance.Yes I know me doing that would have taken less time for me than to pleasantly suggest to one or two people who ( or is it whom ) like watching this cam to click the link at the page bottom ' Contact Us ' , it is quick and easy , and they respond back by their next business day if not the same day.It is a marvel how the Zócalo morphs for the different events.

Congratulations go to the planners, organizers, and all the different skilled craftsman and crews.

Or conversely, if you stand on the northeastern corner, see the beauty of the old colonial buildings of the City Government and the ancient "Hallway of Merchants", or Portal de Mercaderes. Regards.ifour , if you are watching, the lowering of Banderas Monumentales MAY happen tonight, I see people are standing in the shadow of the pole, (a guess is to take photographs of the beautiful flag while the camera lens is not in direct sunlight ) sunset in Mexico City tonight ( 6nov ) is 6pm.