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22-Feb-2017 22:28

Only 8 per cent met via online dating sites or apps, and 3 per cent met on social media.

“I don’t meet guys online because I don’t believe in that, and because I see a lot of scams,” 26-year-old Nurul Amirah Zulkafli said, although she admitted a lot of her friends do.

The figures for men were not available for this period.

In 2000, however, the average increased to 25.1 and rose further to 25.8 in 2010.

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But is that image of self indulgence and casual relationships deserved?

Priyenshar Sebastian, 22, said while she does not judge friends who engage in premarital sex, she felt sexual relations should only be with her married partner.

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There is less inclination to give and take,” one of the participants wrote.Men saw a slight decrease, from 28.7 to 28, in the same period.However, there are some millennials who remain conservative and view marriage as sacred, and that sex should wait until then.Priyenshar shared the same sentiment and said a person might portray themselves as being “this awesome person” online but one can never be sure.

When asked what they think was the biggest difference in dating and socialising compared to their parents’ generation, most of them pointed to the existence of the Internet and how the dating game was more “structured” then.

“It is something I want to share with someone special, not just with any Tom, Dick and Harry and there are so many guys out there who are just waiting for that girl to just be their next target. Despite the lack of sex education in school, 95 per cent of the participants said they think it is important to use protection and/or contraceptives.