Marriage and dating in thailand

05-Aug-2016 22:28

Some foreigners mistakenly believe that a Thai marriage is only legal in Thailand – that is just not the case.

After the marriage is completed we also translate and certify the documents into the English language so there is no confusion and you have copies to take home.

There has been a sharp increase in the number of western men marrying Thai women.

If you are a foreign man seeking a Thai dating, you should learn their culture and traditions. Marriages between foreign men and Thai women are as successful as ones between both men and women from Thailand.

Thai families tend to have a strong sense of honor and decency. You can even expect your Thai wife to help you run your business.

If you marry a Thai woman for love and make a sincere effort to observe Thai marriage customs, the marriage will work and youll have every reason to consider yourself the luckiest man in the universe. We are one of the largest Thai dating websites on the internet.

Ask any foreigner who has ever tried courting a decent Thai lady and theyll all tell you that it is hard work. Elite Asian women show great reluctance to date foreigners.

To win their heart, youll need to have a trick or two up your sleeves.

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I’m still recovering from 35 years of marriage so I’m not in the market at present.Statistics also reveal that a it is more likely to be successful when the foreign groom makes a sincere effort to conform to local marriage customs.Many men in the west are commitment phobic, but it is not surprising. If you decide to divorce your western wife, your entire wealth and assets will be divided 50/50. If you divorce your Thai wife, shell not be entitled to your personal wealth. In Thailand, single women are not supposed to go on a date alone.If you’re interested in a relationship with a ‘respectable’ Thai woman then Thai society is also your friend.

Older men are regarded as good matrimonial catches and ageism is almost unknown.

You also need to be aware of the Thai bribe system.

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