Math speed dating

01-Jun-2017 21:43

Click for word-doc - Today I did one of my favorite review activities in class.

My good friend Sonja Krasean, who I co-planned with at my previous school introduced me to this activity.

I have several review activities I love (speed dating is one), but this one is great if the mathematics problems you are reviewing have a one number solution. Kate Nowak has a similar version of this activity on her blog.

I started using task cards when I was student teaching.

Since each partner is an expert on their card, they should have no problem figuring out where errors occurred, and then they can explain the correct way to solve the problem to the other student.

If they were speed dating they would share about themselves - with speed math they share the process involved in solving their task card.

Back then I didn't call them task cards - I called them index cards. I would write questions down on index cards, stick a card under each students desk, and that was that.

While I was teaching 8th grade math I watched an episode of NCIS that included some speed dating scenes.

Students become an expert on their card so that they can later help explain the process to other students if needed.

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