Ms project percent complete not updating

27-Jun-2017 15:55

The problem is further propagated when project stakeholders communicate the same status to their colleagues.

A recommended approach is to avoid the subjective view of task status and implement an objective one.

MS Project will dynamically calculate a new end date for your schedule, but you need to set up the schedule appropriately and enter the correct information as well.

It can also screw things up nicely (ask anyone who has accidentally "rebalanced" their project - everything goes fubar) You can sort of do what you want by re-leveling the resources: Go to Tools - If you have set start dates to your tasks that's how they remain.

You have to make each task a predecessor to the other for them to shorten up if one finishes sooner then planned.

If the project manager did not ask these questions and accepted a subjective 90 percent complete, the project manager would have assumed 54 hours have been spent with 6 hours to complete the task.

Tracking project actuals provides the following benefits: If the project team is new to this approach, the project manager may experience some push back or reluctance to provides estimates.

While it is easy to mark a task as complete or to indicate a percentage of completion in Microsoft Project, it may not be as obvious how do we mark a percentage of completion for a task and at the same time indicate that this task is going to take longer than expected--so that Microsoft Project recalculates the remaining tasks start dates and adjust the project schedule accordingly.

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